Was:Who is the postivist? AND Popper Now: systematics and evolution

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> It is not really even about evolution per se. It is about explicating
> the natural order in character distributions. Evolution is the
> explanation for that order; but systematics could continue even if
> evolution were disproven somehow (as it proceeded before evolution
> was proposed).

Then you would have to put Hennig on new grounds. Systematics is based
on some principium divisionis, and Hennig proposed the differences of
the organisms through time as principium divisionis. This was within
the paradigma of evolution.

As there are always some discrepancies between theory and practice,
we still not entered completely the phylogenetic systematics age, and=20
continue to work with the Linnean System where the principium divisionis=20
are the differences of the organisms as created by god (paradigma of=20

After being disproven evolution, will you return to creation sensu Linne
or will you create something very new post-Hennig?

> Finding new, and better corroborated relationships is on the
> fronteir,,,no?

what relationships? If you don't know what you are looking for you won't=20
find it!

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