Erica carnea (E. herbacea)

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At 08:29 AM 12-16-97 +0500, Elaine Chittenden wrote:

>I checked the ASPT membership list for Erica and Ericaceae specialists and
>got no matches.  My question has to do with the observed color change in
>flowers of E. carnea.
>I've read (and I can't remember where) that this color change occurs after
>flowers have been pollinated.  Now I cannot remember if they become lighter
>or darker after pollination and am hoping some one can verify this
>phenomenon or help me by suggesting a reference which documents/discusses this.
>It is for interpretive labeling in Beal Botanical Garden

There was paper on color change in flowers in Amer. J. Bot. a couple years
ago: M. R. Weiss, 1995.  Floral color change: A widespread functional
convergence.  AJB 82: 167-185.  Lobelia excelsa of Chile does same thing.

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