Index Kewensis on CD-ROM

Kent Perkins kperkins at FLMNH.UFL.EDU
Fri Dec 19 15:43:21 CST 1997

The UF Herbarium purchased Index Kewensis on CD-ROM (DOS ver.) in 1994 for
US $1500.
We understood that updates would be made available at a reasonable price.
We registered our copy and provided corrections when we found mistakes.

An updated, MS-Windows version is now available for US $1500.
Oxford Press informs us that we may "upgrade" for US $795.
The new CD covers through 6/96.
A printed supplement (suppl. 20) is available which covers 1991-Dec. 1995
for ca. $140.

We are opting to buy the printed supplement at this time but feel a bit
Does anyone know of a better deal for the CD-ROM?


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