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I do not know if it W3TROPICOS from Missouri Botanical Garden's is as accurate as Index
Kewensis, but it is free !!  and can be accessed at

Soeren Doeygaard
Botanical Section, RVAU, Denmark.

>>> Kent Perkins <kperkins at FLMNH.UFL.EDU> 19-12-97 21.43 >>>
The UF Herbarium purchased Index Kewensis on CD-ROM (DOS ver.) in 1994 for
US $1500.
We understood that updates would be made available at a reasonable price.
We registered our copy and provided corrections when we found mistakes.

An updated, MS-Windows version is now available for US $1500.
Oxford Press informs us that we may "upgrade" for US $795.
The new CD covers through 6/96.
A printed supplement (suppl. 20) is available which covers 1991-Dec. 1995
for ca. $140.

We are opting to buy the printed supplement at this time but feel a bit
Does anyone know of a better deal for the CD-ROM?


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