Inquiring Minds Need to Know: part III.

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The following information is for Philip Jones, who sent an inquiry about
Rudolf Camerarius.

Dr. Isely included Camerarius in his "One Hundred and One Botanists".  The
essay is brief, and doesn't give many details of Camerarius' life, but is a
starting point.  He also cites two refs:

Magdefrau, K.  1978.  Camerarius.  In:  Dictionary of Scientific Biography.
Vol. 15, Supplement 1, pp. 67-68.
Morton, A.G.  1981.  Camerarius.  In: History of Botanical Science, pp.
213-220, 231.  Academic Press, London.

The complete Isely citation is:
Isely, D.  1994.  Rudolph Jakob Camerarius (Camerer).  In:  One Hundred and
One Botanists, pp. 74-76.  Iowa State University Press, Ames.

If Philip doesn't have any way to access these references, have him e-mail
me and I'll try to help further.

Deb Lewis

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>I am in the 10th grade and I am working on a tough topic.  I am trying to
>find biographical information on Rudolf Jakob Camerarius, german botanist,
>professor @ Tubegin, discovered sexual reproduction in plants in 1694.  I
>found some experimental detais in the Natural History of
>pollination--book--but I cannot find out any more details.  HELP!!!  I
>don't have access to a university Library and my media center person at the
>High School can't help either.  Help!  thank You.   Philip Jones
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