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Poltavsky Alexander artohin at MAIL.DON.SITEK.NET
Tue Dec 30 23:08:12 CST 1997

For  everybody who have interest to  LEPIDOPTERA, NOCTUIDAE :
the new project :
NOCROS - database for MS DOS IBM PC.

Version 1.0 (1997 year)  -   South Russia: 10 regions,  675  Noctuidae
species, 32 references, distribution maps for every species, another
information about noctuids.

You can  get  yourself  the  noctua.exe (150 Kb)  - selfunzip archive
file with the NOCROS database on the site:
www.don.sitek.net/home/artohin   .

You can install  the  protected Version 1.0 -  FREE  OF CHARGE.
There are some limits  for  use.   Conditions for complete access to
database you will find in  instructions.

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