neotropical annelids

Alex Monro A.Monro at NHM.AC.UK
Thu Dec 4 11:45:06 CST 1997

Dear All,

I have been working on a project looking at soil microvariation in Belize,
this involved digging a large number of soil pits in which a number
earthworms were present.  Being a botanist and compulsive collector I
pickled these in 70% alcohol in anticipation of finding a specialist who
would be interested in the material later.  I have asked around at the
Natural History Museum in London where I work, but no one seems to know of
anybody working on neotropical earthworms.  Does anybody know of anybody who
might be interested in these collections?



Alex Monro
Department of Botany
The Natural History Museum
London, SW7 5BD

Tel. 0171 938 9068
Fax. 0171 938 9260

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