Bishop Museum entomological WWW additions

Scott Miller scottm at HAWAII.EDU
Thu Dec 4 17:02:32 CST 1997

Bishop Museum and Hawaii Biological Survey are pleased to announce the
following recent entomological additions to our World Wide Web site:


The Hawaiian Terrestrial Arthropod Bibliography is now available for use

This bibliography lists 8086 titles of works that cite Hawaiian Islands
terrestrial arthropod species. The bibliography supports the Hawaiian
Terrestrial Arthropod Checklist and includes references with original
descriptions for alien species resident in Hawaii and attempts to include
references from the "gray" literature.


The NSF sponsored ICAL-Entomology site for orphaned entomological
collections is now available on the web at:

This site has a straightforward simple form to fill out for listing
orphan collections and their attributes or for promoting underutilized
collections. The intent of the site is to provide a tool to track orphan
collections and to make their contents more widely known and utilized.

This ICAL site is oriented to arthropods, including terrestrial, marine and
fossil collections. Other sites available in the ICAL network are
ICAL-Paleontology at
ICAL-Botany at
ICAL-Invertebrates at


Although not a Bishop Museum program, we are hosting the WWW pages for a
sister project to our insect-plant ecology work in Papua New Guinea.
This describes ongoing ecological studies by Yves Basset and others of
CABI's International Institute of Entomology in Guyana:

Our sister project in Papua New Guinea can be found at:

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