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Thu Dec 4 13:44:02 CST 1997

To:: Quintin Gravatt <Gravatt.Quintin at NMNH.SI.EDU>
My reply :

> 1.  Do you have separate fields for each piece of information (e.g.
> author(s), date, title, publisher, etc.), or do you use only only a =
> fields that encompass most of the information?
For sorting purposes I am using more separated fields as,
Title in English (250), Title, Author (32), Author2 (25), Author3, =
Journal, year (4), volume (6),number (6), type (1), from page(4), page =
to (4), ( both are numerical), tables(5), figures (5), code from =
entomological abstract, Mycode (7)(for my unique number, used to relate =
papers to database of beetles) note (150), and logical field for =
check-list (Yes/No), key included, in our library,

> 2.  How do you deal with different types of publication such as
> journals, monographs, books, and chapters within books?  Do you
> utilize one window, or do you have separate windows based on
> the publication type?
in field type I can write: b for book, j for journal, c for copy, m for =
monograph etc.

> 3.  How do you deal with old publications that are part of a series,
> and that may have multiple authors and/or dates?  Do you have
> multiple records that cover each possibility, or one record with
> subsets (years/authors) that relate back to one entry?
in case of more 3 authors I am using field Note ( lenght 150)

> You may reply to me privately at gravatt.quintin at,
> and thank you in advance for your help.
> Cheers,
> Quintin Gravatt
> Office of Biodiversity Programs

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