Who is the postivist? AND Popper

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Hello, i did not study philosophy but I think the below given problem
was already discussed by Popper,
> >         as such, after much debate, the
> >       idea emerged that such inferences amount to "weak
> >       corroboration" but not at all firmly within the realm of
> >       falsificationism.

Falsification is within empirical sciences. Evolutionary history
is a historical science. It refers to unique, singular historical events=20
which cannot be repeated experimentally.
Thus, falsification is not possible!

Weak falsification may eventually be possible within the big conjectural=20
construction place of hypotheses that evolutionary history represents.
But this has nothing to do with falsification within a framework of=20
empirical, experimental sciences, which were the central focus of Popper.
Popper admits that evolution is metaphysics!!!
He says that is not bad, as all pre-existing metaphysics about the topic=20
were worse than evolution.=20

Popper says as well, that knowledge is not that interesting. Interesting ar=
the frontiers of knowledge!!!

So what can Popper contribute to the actual biodiversity problems (ecology,
systematics and conservation)????
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