hypothetical construct

sylvia hope sylvia.hope at CASMAIL.CALACADEMY.ORG
Mon Dec 8 19:17:57 CST 1997

I disagree. Homology is real. It is biological structure or form
which is passed from generation to generation amongst organisms
throught the information transmission processes of genetics and

          Homology is a *generalization* about the *correspondence* of
          biological structures - - -

          It is *not* those structures themselves.

          Synapomorphy refers to those homology hypotheses

          - - - you said it yourself!

>   Reification is common in an operational
>          approach.  It can lead via subtle suggestive power to too
>          much confidence in a finding.

Do you extend this perspective to deny the reality of taxa? Is the
recognition and naming of Aves (with a proper name, no less) a
reification of mere ideas?

                   This seeming contradiction is resolved by
          understanding that taxa are not the sum of their
          synapomorphies, they are individuals connected by lineal

           - sh

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