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> I agree with all this, If love and a poem and the sea or "anything
> else" can be real, why not a homology, or a taxon?
It can be real! But one should consider the "overall-evidence"!
If a taxon is a real taxon, then it will not only be some theoretical
point in a tree-topology, but something that includes living organisms
which eat and breath and live and die and fulfill functions in ecosystems
and kill and get killed and so on.
I mean, I just missed this a little bit in the brevious messages.

Of course one can start this songs that systematics is one of the oldest
sciences and so on and that it even will survive the fall of evolution and
all that stuff. But to really understand the organisms and their functions
there is necessary a lot more than just thinking about homologies.

It is only this that I wanted to say (more or less)

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