addresses please

Sun Dec 14 10:05:19 CST 1997

Does anyone have current addresses (either e-mail or snail-mail)
for the editors of the following journals?

1) Haseltonia, published by the Cactus and Succulent Society [USA];


2) Scienca Revuo, an Esperanto-language science journal published
in Berlin.

I need to convey to the editors of both publications informing them
of my current address. I submitted manuscripts to each of them while
I was located in Cuernavaca, Mexico, earlier this year. I was forced
to return home to the US rather hastily because of a salary dispute
(putting it euphomistically; they invited me to move to Cuernavaca
not having made adequate provisions to pay me any salary at all).
The people in Cuernavaca are now refusing to forward my mail. Hence
I need to inform the editors that anything they may have sent to
Cuernavaca should be considered lost.

Dr. Joseph E. Laferriere
Woonasquatucket  Valley Botanical Foundation, 36 Parkis St. #2
Providence RI 02907 USA               401-233-9330

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