And Now a Word from our Sponsor: Positivism vs Realism Debate

Curtis Clark jcclark at CSUPOMONA.EDU
Mon Dec 15 13:41:11 CST 1997

At 02:45 PM 12/15/97 -0500, Jim Beach wrote:
>What are people's preferences?  Should we ask for a voluntary
reduction in
>volume or encourage the debate to continue on the list?

1. There's always the delete key.
2. I've found some interesting tidbits in the parts I've read,
but the s/n ratio is way low (I'm not even sure RASA could find
a pattern :-)
3. This particular exchange has been notable in that others
besides Tom and James have gotten involved.
4. All in all, I think it's time to wrap it up.

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