And Now a Word from our Sponsor: Positivism vs Realism Debate

Anders Silfvergrip anders.silfvergrip at NRM.SE
Tue Dec 16 08:57:02 CST 1997

I have enjoyed this discussion very much. Should it be continued elsewhere,
I indeed would like to known where. This has been what I thought TAXACOM
should encourage, a vivid, and mostly eloquent debate over the essences of

Curtis Clarke noted: "There's always the delete key". As long as the subject
is in line previous messages deleting unread messages should work out fine.

Should anyone be aware of another list particularly devoted to systematics,
please send me information.

Thank you.

Anders Silfvergrip
Department of Vertebrate Zoology
Swedish Museum of Natural History
Stockholm, Sweden
<anders.silfvergrip at>

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