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At the risk of seeming rude, I'm going to use all caps and say HOLD IT!

I aplologize.  I did not mean to trigger a long list of "how abouts?" by
commenting, sotto voce, that Lobelia excelsa also changes color in the
course of blooming.  I'm positive that no one realistically wants to read
dozens such messages here.     ; - )

The whole idea of listing the reference (Amer. J. Bot. 82: 167-185. 1995)
was to point out that it is indeed a widespread phenomenon that occurs in
many many plants.  In locus citati, you will find a list of hundreds of
color-change species [including Hibiscus mutabilis and Lonicera japonica,
but not H. pernambucensis or (to my chagrin) Erica carnea]  in 77 angiosperm

I suspect  the author would be pleased to receive additions to her list.

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