Insect Systematists

Phil Fay silfres at KSU.EDU
Mon Feb 3 17:10:57 CST 1997

Insect Systematists: A Request

I am seeking insect systematists willing to
identify specimens collected from tallgrass
prairie sites in Nebraska (The Niobrara Valley
Preserve) and Oklahoma (The Tallgrass Prairie
Preserve). These insects were collected by sweep-
net as part of a larger project funded by the
Mellon Foundation. The overall goal is to assess
the effects of land mangement practices (fire,
cattle/bison grazing) on tallgrass prairie
diversity. As a result, the insect data we collect
will be related to diversity in other taxa of
animals and to plant diversity.

     We currently have species accumulated from
two years of collecting; pending continued funding
the project will continue in future years. The
collections are particularly rich in Coleoptera,
Diptera, Hemiptera, Homoptera, Hymenoptera, and
Orthoptera, so specialists in these taxa are
particularly sought. If you are potentially
interested in assisting with determinations,
please contact me at the location below and I will
be pleased to provide further information.

 Phil Fay
 Division of Biology
 Ackert Hall
 Kansas State University
 Manhattan, KS 66506-4901
 fay at
 (913) 532-7627
 (913) 532-6653 fax

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