Orchids and butterflies in Oaxaca,Mexico, info wanted

Rolf R v.d. Pavert pavelaer at PI.NET
Tue Feb 4 20:21:26 CST 1997

Dear readers

Later this year, around September or October I will be spending some
weeks in Oaxaca Mexico. My wife will be enjoying indian culture and I
hope to see and photograph some orchids and butterflies. I'd  like to
meet some local people who share my interest. My Spanish is
rudimentary but my English is passable.

I'd also like to share a site (commercial) that possibly
may be of interest to you. At http://www.bookbridge.nl/index.htm
abstracts of newly appeared books are offered in the form of a
subscription. You pick your field of interest. I took one for monocots
(orchids), applied entomology and fish and the first sending looks
promising. Apparently they hope to be able to offer this service for
hundreds  of subjects in the near future.

My request for information will be posted to ENTOMO-L, LEPS-L,
TAXACOM and ORCHIDS sorry if you read this more than once.

With regards
Rolf R. van de Pavert

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