Botanical Latin software (TRANSLAT)

Peter Bostock pbostock at OZEMAIL.COM.AU
Wed Feb 5 07:26:53 CST 1997

Seems I had signature option turned off when I posted the reply to Mark
Garland's message [Re: Botanical Latin Translation service] last night.

see for details of TRANSLAT software.

BTW, I haven't received much feedback from users - my page is getting around
5-10 hits per week, most of these just enquiries i.e. the self-extracting
exe file is not being transferred, but in the past twelve months, there have
been about 50 apparently successful transfers of the software. Are there any
complaints? Problems? Too many missing words? Feedback please!

Peter B.
Peter D. Bostock
pbostock at
Latin translation program (freeware) available at web site)

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