African Herp Programme Announcement

Lynn Raw gdr at IAFRICA.COM
Fri Feb 7 12:38:41 CST 1997

(Please accept our apologies for any cross-posting)


The interim committee of the AHBP invites you to participate in an email
discussion of the mission, aims and objectives of the AHBP which is to be
held on the afriherp-l list. We will also discuss the possibilty of a
workshop and election of a new committee to be held at the 3rd World
Congress of Herpetology in Prague this August. This invitation is
particularly directed at everyone interested in the herpetofauna of Africa
and its islands (including the Malagasy region).

Please forward this message to anyone else who might be interested.

For those of you who are not already subscribers to afriherp-l, you can
subscribe by sending a message to listproc at with only the text -
subscribe afriherp-l (your name) in the body of the message.

Remember to leave the subject line blank and to switch off your signature.
To receive a copy of your own postings, set mail to ack. You can also
subscribe in digest form.

We look forward to your participation.

The AHBP Interim Committee:
(Michael Lambert (Chairman), Ivan Ineich (Deputy Chairman), Lynn Raw
(General Secretary), Neil Burgess (Mapping Coordinator), Preston Hardison
(Data Management Coordinator), Craig Hassapakis & Martin Kundrat (Publicity
and Public relations Coordinators))
Lynn Raw
(using gdr at               P O Box 200
(also on raw at       MERRIVALE
Tel +27-331-431360                    3291 SOUTH AFRICA

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