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Fri Feb 7 13:12:05 CST 1997

This is interesting.  What kind of writing is it that you edit? Are researchers
not writing their own journal articles for publication--or are you talking
about chapters in books and similar things?

On another front, re acknowledgments, I published a classification of personal
acknowledgments as part of an article on communication of research results in
genetics (Science, Technology & Human Values 1991 16(4):491-516). Although
I encountered some kinds of ms preparation acknowledgments in the journal
Genetics, ms editing for publication was not one of them.  So I guess you
are right, it's a rare kind of acknowledgment.

Kate McCain
College of Information Science & Technology
Drexel University

mccainkw at duvm.ocs.drexel.edu
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Acknowledgments are funny things.  In our department, we edit
scientific papers.  We do a very thorough job, including
reorganizing, checking logic and facts, and often rewriting every
sentence.  Most of what we edit gets published.

Rarely, however, are we acknowledged.  The same author who will thank
the person who provided the sample, identified the specimen, typed
the first draft, or gave an anonymous review almost never mentions the
editor who rewrote the whole paper.  "But you get paid for it" I
hear if I complain.  But so does the author... a lot more than I do.

                        Jane Thomas

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