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W. Gene Hall wehall at AG.ARIZONA.EDU
Fri Feb 14 08:12:22 CST 1997

Two requests:
        1) Can anyone provide me the email address of Dr. Nelson Papavero,
University of Sao Paulo Museum of Zoology?
        2) Does anyone know of biographical information on C.W.
Friedenreich, a possible Coleopterist living in Brazil (Santa Catarina)
during the late 1800's? I am conducting a worldwide revision of the
featherwing beetle (Ptiliidae) subfamily Nanosellinae, and in 1883
Friedenreich described a new genus (Mycophagus), which may be a synonym of
Nanosella. I'm in search of the type specimens, and have been hitting many
deadends the last year or so.


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