validity of taxonomic publication.

A. Contreras-Ramos atilano at IBIOLOGIA.UNAM.MX
Wed Feb 19 09:53:04 CST 1997

>Is a PhD thesis a valid taxonomic publication (for animals)?
>I would say it is not, but other collegues disagree.
>The case is a PhD thesis with a faunistic survey, including
>descriptions of new species. It is written in German and some
>copies of the thesis are deposited in some German libraries.
>PD Dr Peter Schuchert

Dear Peter:

According to the ICZN (Article 9, pp. 15-17), "...none of the following
procedures or acts constitutes publication within the meaning of the Code:

(11) deposit of a document (e. g., a thesis) in a collection of
documents, a library, or other archive."

I am afraid your colleagues are not right.  Hope this helps.

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