The Plant-Book

Wed Feb 19 16:18:18 CST 1997

Re John Nelson's bibliographic query:

The Plant-Book has been reprinted several times with corrections.  Here
is my bibliographic database entry for my copy of The Plant-Book:

   author =    {D. J. Mabberley},
   title =     {The plant-book: A portable dictionary of the higher plants},
   year =      1987,
   publisher = {Cambridge University Press},
   address =   {Cambridge},
   note =      {2nd 1993 printing, corrected},
   comment =   {title page verso reads "Reprinted with corrections ... 1993

(The note field is printed as part of the citation, the comment field is
reserved for notes to myself.)

Hope this helps,

        Una Smith

        Department of Biology
        Yale University

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