Update on Bot. Latin Translation software

Peter Bostock pbostock at OZEMAIL.COM.AU
Thu Feb 20 07:57:16 CST 1997

Dear Colleagues,

I have goofed! The new version was indeed uploaded to my site, but because I
forgot Unix's distinction between lower case and upper case letters, I
uploaded TRANINST.EXE (version 4.06), while my web page is still retrieving
traninst.exe (version 4.05 or earlier). SORRY! I have fixed the problem now.
The uploaded file should be 500 or 501Kb in size, and dated 18 February
1997. Translat.exe should report version 4.06 on its intro splash screen.

If anyone who accessed the site since midday 18 Feb GMT would prefer not to
expend more of their time and money getting the newest version, please email
me your postal address and I will send (free) a 3.5" disk of the latest version.

My apologies again,

Peter Bostock
Peter D. Bostock
pbostock at ozemail.com.au
Web http://www.ozemail.com.au/~pbostock (TRANSLAT Bot.
Latin translation program (freeware) available at web site)

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