2 FMNH Zoology Dept. Emeritus Curators pass away

John Bruner jbruner at GPU.SRV.UALBERTA.CA
Thu Feb 20 12:10:11 CST 1997

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Mary Anne Rogers wrote, Tue, 18 Feb 1997 16:53:
   Unfortunately I'm writing with not such happy news...  The museum lost
two of it's most treasured curators in the last several weeks.  Bob Blake
passed away in early January after a long time in the hospital due to a
fall resulting in many broken bones.  And then this weekend we received
the news that Phil Hershkovitz had passed away.  Phil also had been in the
hospital with a broken hip and I guess it was just time for all the months
of discomfort to end (he'd been through recent chemotherapy which was
leaving him feeling pretty awful). They will both be greatly missed.  I
think a service for Phil is in the works but no details have been
announced yet.
   -- Mary Anne

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