Taxonomic index, anyone?

Sat Feb 22 15:37:04 CST 1997

Compared to the molecular biology community databases available on the
Internet now, a complete taxonomic index would be inconsequential in
terms of either size or complexity.  If we could agree on a format for
submission of data, and someone would provide surplus disk space on an
Internet host, we'd be in business.

I am not a taxonomist.  Nonetheless, I would be delighted to have a
place to deposit the taxonomic details that I gather in the course of
my work, that I must keep track of for my own reference, but that I
cannot or do not want to "publish".  And I would also be delighted to
have access to similar valuable information gathered by others.

We all want a complete taxonomic index of the literature for whatever
group we are *currently working on*.  If we start archiving this data
as we go, we would eventually have a complete taxonomic index, and in
the meantime we would all have an increasingly valuable research tool.

        Una Smith

        Department of Biology
        Yale University
        New Haven, CT  06520-8104

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