lecto- and neotypifications

Gerrit Davidse davidseg at MOBOT.ORG
Sun Feb 23 13:05:11 CST 1997

I heartily agree with the opinions expressed by Lammers, Laferriere,
and Soreng that an index to lecto- and neotypifications would be a
very useful resource for taxonomic projects. As noted by Soreng, such
data is now routinely  recorded for plants in the Missouri Botanical
Garden's database, TROPICOS.

However, as a note of clarification, all data on these typifications are
are already immediately avaible, real-time, on the Internet through
W3 TROPICOS. Currently there are 8037 records for such typifications,
some incomplete. As Soreng pointed out, the typifications are entered on
a project-by-project basis; so the chance of encountering your favorite
lectotypification is still small. Although the current data is worldwide,
most data captured so far deals with Poaceae, Fabaceae, Annonaceae,
Apocynaceae, Mesoamerica, Ecuador, Madagascar, and China. Considering that
tens of thousands of these kind of typifications have been made, this
effort is obviously still in its infancy. However, incomplete as it is,
it grows on a daily basis and is publicly available as by-product of
various floristic, monographic, and revisionary projects using the
Missouri Botanical Garden database.

As a practical matter, one of many that might be mentioned, it would be
very helpful if editors insisted that authors clearly state in their
publications where lectotypifications have been published by including a
full bibliographic reference; or, if the author is making the
typification, explicitly including a statement such as "designated here"
when citing the type. Although many botanical journals and floras are
now following this practice, this is still not universal, needlessly
making it difficult for the user to determine precisely where these
typifications were first effectively published.


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