SE Asian & E. North American disjunction

Liu, Zhiwei Liu.Zhiwei at ENTOM.SLU.SE
Mon Feb 24 17:43:17 CST 1997

Dear All,

Three weeks ago, I posted a request for help with information on SE Asian &
E. North American disjunction. Here I want to express my sincere thanks to
all those of you who replied.

As some of us know, this has been a century - old topic ever since
Linnaeus'time. Thanks to the helps of many of you, I now have been able to
trace quite a number of works on the topic. Most of the works are on
floristic similarities. Although the phenomenon of SEA & ENA disjunction
also occurs in other groups , e.g fungi, millipedes, and insects, such works
appear to be generally dispropotionately lacking.

Among the available such studies, only a small fraction  offers explicit
phylogenetic inferences, which are essential for analyzing vicariance
patterns. The limited information, however, leads to an interesting, though
very preliminary, generalization  that components of most vacariant taxa
(above species level) in the concerned areas do not form monophyletic
lineages respectively, indicating multiple origins.

I need to dig more into the topic to be able to come up with a better
picture. I would be happy to discuss the topic with those of you who are
interested, and be happy to receive further information on the topic in the
future, particularly phylogenetic studies of related taxa. Again I want to
thank you all for sharing the interest!

Best regards

Your sincerely
Zhiwei Liu

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