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Doug Yanega dyanega at DENR1.IGIS.UIUC.EDU
Thu Feb 27 16:41:54 CST 1997

At 11:41 27-02-1997 -0400, Alan Harvey wrote:
>Joseph Laferriere writes:
>>... It would still be a good idea to submit the
>>descriptions to a journal so that the information will become
>>more widely disseminated, but the Latin description and the
>>formal type designation can go in the thesis instead of the
>>journal. The type can still of course be mentioned in the journal.
>I don't think many journals see their mission as the broader dissemination
>of already published material. In fact, that's probably a reliable basis
>for journals returning a manuscript unreviewed. I'd guess that formally
>elevating the status of a thesis from "unpublished" to "published" would
>likely change a journal's perceptions, and not favorably, of a
>thesis-derived manuscript.

I have to agree entirely with this. Moreover, I think most people would
agree that there are generally a good number of improvements in a
thesis-derived work (when it is submitted to a journal and subjected to peer
review) that make it superior to the original thesis in quality, in addition
to being more accessible. If journals began rejecting manuscripts based on
thesis material, the entire scientific community would be losing out, both
in terms of the quality of material being cited later on (if one is
compelled to cite only the thesis), and in terms of the exposure of thesis
material, much of which *deserves* wide readership. Further, from the
viewpoint of the person producing the thesis, they are infinitely better off
producing journal publications as spin-offs than they would be if all they
could show for 10 years of labor was the thesis itself - many folks would
now interpret this sort of "track record" as indicative of either laziness
or an inability to get anything *past* peer review. I cast my vote with
keeping thesis material as "unpublished".

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