Craig Lee Hassapakis arcon at COUGARNET.BYU.EDU
Sat Feb 1 04:00:32 CST 1997

Pardon the cross posting.

The NEW journal AMPHIBIAN & REPTILE CONSERVATION - The International
Journal Devoted to the Worldwide Preservation and Management of
Amphibian and Reptilian Diversity has a newly enchanced website. See
pictures of all the journal pages in Vol 1 No 1, download a sample article
(Population Biology and Herpetological Conservation: A Cautionary Note),
read the Writer's Guidelines and Manuscript Preparation instructions, view
the table of contents, use the Herpetology, Conservation, and Research
links (almost 200 with regular updates), and much more.

Learn how to receive a complimentary copy of the "Premiere Issue - Fall
1996, Vol 1 No 1" by visiting our website at:

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