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               F I R S T        C I R C U L A R

 | E U R O - A M E R I C A N   M A M M A L   C O N G R E S S  |
 |                                                            |
 |        Universidad de Santiago de Compostela, Spain        |
 |                                                            |
 |                     July 20-24, 1998                       |

+ Introduction
   In order to promote holarctic mammalogy, cooperation among
   European and North American mammalogists and to further the
   development of and cooperation among national Mammal
   Societies, a meeting is being organized under the auspices
   of the American Society of Mammalogists (ASM), Societas
   Europaea Mammalogica (SEM), and Sociedad Espan~ola para la
   Conservacion y el Estudio de los Mamiferos (SECEM).

       Also participating in the organization of the meeting
   are  the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC),
   through its  Colleges of Sciences and Farmacy, as well as
   the Consejeria de Agricultura, Ganaderia y Montes of the
   local Government (Xunta de Galicia) through the
   intermediary of its Direccion General de Montes y Medio
   Ambiente Natural.

     Technical sessions of the meeting will take place on the
   campus of the University of Santiago de Compostela,
   Galicia, Spain, from 20 to 24 July, 1998.

+ Meeting Location
   The city of Santiago de Compostela is the capital of the
   Autonomous Region of Galicia, which, located in the
   Northwest of the Iberian Peninsula, is one of the
   territorial entities constituting the Spanish State. It is
   the final point on the Road of Saint James (Camino de
   Santiago), where many of the great Mediaeval pilgrimage
   routes joined each other. As such, it early on became a
   site of cultural interchange, of exchanges of ideas, and of
   encounters and communication among peoples; these
   traditions have lasted through history to modern times. It
   was precisely this intellectual fervour that led to the
   creation of the University of Santiago de Compostela, which
   celebrated its five hundredth anniversary in 1995. The city
   of Santiago itself holds in patrimony a great historical
   and cultural wealth; this has caused UNESCO to declare the
   city a Human Heritage site.

     Galicia is also a region of great ecological value on
   account of the wealth and diversity of the ecosystems
   present in the region. Of particular note are the marine,
   coastal, and Atlantic Montane ecosystems, within which
   thrive mammalian communities of great interest, and rich in
   Iberian endemic species.

+ Scientific Content of the Meeting
   The meeting will emphasise cutting edge and little known
   aspects of scientific knowledge of mammalian species, and
   communities and ecosystems of the Holarctic. However,
   contributions of interest relating to mammals from other
   regions will also be welcomed.

     The contributions will be grouped in sessions that will
   cover general subject matters, symposia, or workshops. The
   latter will deal mainly with subject matter focussed for a
   more restricted audience. The general categories currently
   projected for the general sessions are:  Behavioural
   Ecology; Biogeography; Community Ecology; Conservation;
   Development; Molecular Systematics; Morphology and
   Morphometrics; Natural History; Paleontology; Parasites and
   Diseases; Physiology; Population Dynamics; Population
   Genetics; Systematics and Evolution; and Wildlife

     Those individuals interested in organizing a symposium or
   workshop should get in contact with a member of the
   Meeting's Steering Committee, and should make it clear on
   their registration form. Papers contributed to general
   sessions are unrestricted in subject matter, while
   participants in symposia or workshops will have to get in
   touch with their respective conveners or organizers.

+ Site of the Meeting and Accomodations
   The technical sessions will take place in the facilities of
   the participating Colleges of the University of Santiago.
   Participants may opt to stay in the dormitories of the
   University, all of high quality, and located within the
   campus of the university, as are the various university
   dining facilities. Alternatively, those participants who
   wish to may stay in any of the hotels located near the
   university, usually within walking distance. Santiago de
   Compostela offers a variety of these hotels up to the
   five-star level.

     Santiago has an international airport with direct flights
   to most European capitals.

+ Deadlines
   Those interested in organizing a symposium or workshop
   should send a formal proposal to the Steering Committee
   before 11 March 1997.

     The second circular will be sent in March or April of
   1997 to all interested parties who responded to the first
   circular. The second circular will include additional
   information regarding the specific site of the Meeting,
   options regarding pre- and post meeting tours and
   excursions, information for spouses of participants, a
   first call for papers, a preliminary list of technical
   session topics to help focus potential participants, a list
   of the various committee members, and a date for the third

+ Registration Costs
   Firm information regarding registration costs is not
   available at the present time. However, it is anticipated
   that rates will be held down to moderate levels. Students
   and those individuals who register early will enjoy a
   substantial discount in registration costs.

+ Correspondence
   In order to facilitate communication among participants and
   organizers of the meeting and the sending of registration
   information and abstracts, the organizers call on all
   potential participants to, whenever feasible, use
   electronic mail. The electronic mail address to be used for
   all queries and requests is:

              galemys at

    To lower the work load of the participants and organizers,
   future circulars will also be sent by electronic mail to
   those participants who request this option, and will also
   be distributed through a variety of distribution lists and

+ E-mail pre-registration
   Participants are encouraged to register electronically by
   completing the registration form at the end of this
   message. Copies of the electronic pre-registration form can
   also be obtained anytime simply by sending an e-mail
   message to the above e-address including the keyword
   regist-form in the subject line (you may leave the body of
   your message empty). Please don't hesitate to repeat your
   request if for some reason you don't get a reply in a
   couple of days.

    Postal address for correspondence is:
       Euro-American Mammal Congress
       Laboratorio de Parasitologia
       Facultad de Farmacia
       Universidad de Santiago de Compostela

    Local Committee Fax number: (34) 81 593316

+ Steering Committee
   Anthony Mitchell-Jones (SEM), Fax: (44) 1733 68834
        lteam.en.nh at
   David Macdonald (SEM), Fax: (44) 1 865 31 0447
        laura.handoca at
   Maria da Luz Mathias (SEM), Fax: (351) 1 7500028
        zoom at
   Giovanni Amori (SEM), Fax: (39) 6 44230311
        amori at
   Terry L. Yates (ASM), Fax: (1) 505 277 0304
        tyates at
   Luis A. Ruedas (ASM), Co-chair, Fax: (1) 505 277 0304
        lruedas at
   Rodrigo Medellin (ASM), Fax: (52) 5 6224828
        medellin at
   Miguel Delibes (SECEM), Fax: (34) 54 621125,
        decastro at
   Fernando Palacios (SECEM), Co-chair, Fax: (34) 1 5645078
        fernan at
   Santiago Reig (SECEM), Fax: (34) 1 5645078
        mustela at
   Felipe Barcena (USC), Fax: (34) 81 593316
   Manuel Sanmartin (USC), Fax: (34) 81 593316, mpduran at
   Tomas Fernandez-Couto (Xunta de Galicia),
        Fax: (34) 81 546101

+ Scientific Committee:
    Robert J. Baker, Lubbock (TX), USA
    Luigi Boitani, Roma, ITALY
    James H. Brown, Albuquerque (NM), USA
    Francois Catzeflis, Montpellier, FRANCE
    John F. Eisenberg, Gainesville (FL), USA
    Scott L. Gardner, Lincoln (NE), USA
    Paul H. Harvey, Oxford, UK
    William V. Holt, London, UK
    Rainer Hutterer, Bonn, GERMANY
    Alicia V. Linzey, Indiana (PA), USA
    Georgina Mace, London, UK
    Zdzislaw Pucek, Bialowieza, POLAND
    Santiago Reig, Madrid, SPAIN (Co-chair)
    Steven P. Rushton, Newcastle, UK
    Don E. Wilson, Washington (DC), USA (Co-chair)

+ Local Committee
    USC Felipe Barcena, Co-chair, Fax: (34) 81 593316
        Manuel Sanmartin, Fax: (34) 81 593316, mpduran at
        Jesus Dominguez, Fax: (34) 81 596904, bajesdom at
        Jose Guitian, Fax: (34) 81 596904, bfguiti at

    SECEM Miguel Delibes, Fax: (34) 54621125, decastro at
          Fernando Palacios, Co-chair, Fax: (34) 1 5645078
             fernan at
          Santiago Reig, Fax: (34) 1 5645078,
                mustela at

    XG Tomas Fernandez-Couto, Fax: (34) 81 546101

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    ---------- INSTRUCTIONS TO COMPLETE THIS FORM  -----------
   Please follow carefully these instructions to help the
   automatic processing of your registration:

   + fill in the form using an ASCII editor or using your
           wordprocessor and saving the file as ASCII or DOS
           text. Make sure that the text looks the same as it
           does now (margins, line length, fonts, etc) before
           sending the message. You may also use "reply" to this
           message if you have an option to edit the body of
           text in your system. If so, remember to change the
           "subject" field to PARTICIPANT.
   + Always type OVER underlined spaces. Use more lines if
           necessary. Leave questions empty if you wish, but
           DON'T change or delete them.
   + Use ASCII characters only. If you wish to include non-
           Latin characters, substitute them by the two
           symbols that compose the character inside brackets.
           For example:
        Espa(n~)a, Bia(l/)owie(z.)a, N(u:)rnberg, Fran(c,)ois,
        (Ao)rhus, K(o/)benhavn, Br(e<)clav.
   + feel free to send more than one e-preregistration form, if
           you want to help a friend without e-mail. Just send
           it leaving the e-mail field EMPTY.
   + e-mail this form before 11 March 1997 to:
                      <galemys at>
   + include the keyword <PARTICIPANT> in the subject line.

    $%Last Name (Family name): _______________________________
    $%First Name: ____________________________________________
    $%Department: ____________________________________________
    $%Institution: ___________________________________________
    $%Postal Address: ________________________________________
    $%State, ZIP / Post code: ___________________________
    $%City: ________________________________
    $%Country: _____________________________
    $%Phone (country) + (city) + (number): ___________________
    $%Fax: ____________________________
    $%E-mail address: ___________________________________

    I intend to submit (mark with an "X")
    a poster: ____   an oral presentation: ____

    Would you submit a paper resulting from the meeting to an
    international book or journal? (mark with an "X")
    Yes: ____     No: ____

    The topic is relevant to (mark one or more with an "X"):
    Behavioural Ecology: ____
    Biogeography: ____
    Community Ecology: ____
    Conservation: ____
    Development: ____
    Molecular Systematics: ____
    Morphology and Morphometrics: ____
    Natural History: ____
    Paleontology: ____
    Parasites and Diseases: ____
    Physiology: ____
    Population Genetics: ____
    Population Dynamics: ____
    Systematics and Evolution: ____
    Wildlife Management: ____

   Would you like to organize a Symposium or Workshop? (Please
   read the instructions in the section Scientific Content),
   if  so, the proposed title would be: ______________________

                           Thank you!
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