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Thu Feb 6 13:19:23 CST 1997

TH 6 Feb 115pm


    Anita Cholewa is having a problem with proper recognition for MIN
in this matter:

> In at least one instance in the past, people have
> come in and photographed specimens to help in
> identify things but then I discovered the images were used in
> a type of book that was distributed to county extension agents,
> reservation biologists, forest biologists, etc.  The
> Herbarium was not acknowledged or mentioned in any way in
> the book (i.e., no credit whatsoever) and when the photos`
> were first made, no mention was made of possible use in books,
> pamphlets, brochures, whatever.

    I presume that in the case at hand, involving a state agency,
there is no monetary return for provoding the service. Thgus, it
appears that the most the herbarium could get out of the arrangement
is proper citation as a vital source of information. I would
recommend that you get the department head or Dean to GET IT IN
WRITING that the herbarium WILL be cited. That would be good for
starters, anyway.

    Later John

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