Request for Proposals - Restoration Plan Development

John Shuey Shueyi at AOL.COM
Mon Feb 10 10:41:33 CST 1997


The Indiana Office of The Nature Conservancy is soliciting proposals to
develop an grassland restoration plan for its 7,209 acre Fair Oaks Farm
property.  The restoration is to be ecologically based, and is intended to
restore landscape-scale function to currently isolated high-quality mesic/wet
prairie and oak barrens remnants (1,200+ acres) adjacent to Fair Oaks Farm.

The plan is to be completed by 30 January 1998. The restoration plan will
integrate technical issues including hydrological restoration, soils,
botanical community analysis, community restoration, exotic species control,
genetic seed source and restoration cost into a geographically explicit
model.  The plan will identify where and how hydrologic restoration should be
undertaken, and in what temporal sequence these operations should occur.
 Most importantly, the plan will tie the broad community types to predicted
hydrologic conditions and soils, such that the initial planting establishes
appropriate plant communities over the restoration area.  The plan will
include a restoration time-line which addresses sequential restoration
activities designed to optimize efficiency and ecological outcomes.

Proposals will be evaluated based on: technical approach, capacity to perform
the proposed work, demonstration of restoration/planning experiance, cost,
and references.  TNC strongly encourages respondents to form
multi-disciplinary teams to address the technical challenges posed in the

Proposals must be received by 27 February 1997.

For further Information contact:
John Shuey, Director of Science and Conservation Biology at shueyi at

We encourage you to pass this notice along to potentially interested

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