lifespan of entomologists

Paul Dessart dessart at D5100.KBINIRSNB.BE
Thu Feb 13 12:34:31 CST 1997

February 13, 1997.

Dear Colleagues,

    I'm applying to the zoo-systematicians' circle after having exhausted all
the opportunities, bibliography of biographies and catalogues at my
disposal, and vainly consumed many hours (maybe passing very near the
answers...); anyway, this is not a solution of easiness or laziness...
Having written the Historical of the hymenopteran group I studied along
all my career, I'm stopped because I failed finding the dates of birth
and/or death of the following entomological authors (few comparatively
to the whole list).
   I'm sure that some among the Taxocomers could answer at least
one question. I suggest you send my message back with your addition(s),
without consuming time with politeness formulas, etc: I know time is
precious. Personnal thankings guaranteed by e-mail and at the end of the

Many thanks to everybody.

Paul Dessart,
Chef honoraire de la Section Insectes et Arachnomorphes
a l'Institut royal des Sciences naturelles de Belgique.

Brues, Charles T. (U.S.A.) (1879-1954 or 1955 ?)

Bakke, Alf (Norway) (???? - ????)

Box, L.A. (?Great Britain) (???? - ????)

Fabritius, Klaus (Rumenia) (Birth)

Fergusson, Nigel D.M. (United Kingdom) (Birth)

Ferriere, Charles (Switzerland) (???? - ????)

Fouts, Robert (U.S.A.) (???? - 1973)

Gahan, A.B. (U.S.A.) (???? - ????) (not Gahan, Charles Joseph)

Gardenfors, Ulf (Sweden) (Birth)

Hedicke, Hans (Germany) (????-1949)

Howard, Leland Ossian (U.S.A.) (1857-????;  after 1932) (not Howard
Charles Walter)

Jansson, Anton (Norway) (?? 1880 - 1962)

Kozlov, Misha (ex-U.R.S.S.) (Birth)

Mani, M.S. (India) (???? - ????)

Masner, Lubomir (now Canada) (Birth)

Mehra, B.P. (India) (???? - ????)

Muesebeck, C.W.F. (U.S.A.) (1894 - ????)

Parr, Michael J. (United Kingdom) (Birth)

Priesner, H. (Egypt) (???? - ????)

Risbec, Jean (France) (???? - ????)

Schulz, W.A. (?Germany) (???? - ????)

Sharma, S.K. (India) (Birth)

Takada, Hajimu (Japan) (???? - ????)

Whittaker, Oscar (Canada) (???? - ????)

Yasumatsu, Keizo (Japan) (???? - ????)

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