seeking loggerhead shrike tissue

Andrew Chek cheka at BIOLOGY.QUEENSU.CA
Thu Feb 13 09:36:40 CST 1997

I am involved with the Canadian Loggerhead Shrike Recovery Team effort
and am seeking information on the existence of any preserved specimens
or parts of specimens of the migrans subspecies (Lanius ludovicianus
migrans).  For example, frozen or alcohol-preserved tissues or
carcasses, study skins, or eggs with embryos. A useful sample for our
purposes need only be a minuscule amount of tissue (even the end of a
primary or tail feather will serve; a feather removed from a study mount
can be subsequently glued without noticeable change).  The season of the
bird's collection is not important as we are interested in wintering and
breeding populations.

The primary goal of this work is to characterize Canadian
populations of this bird, but at the moment we are concentrating on
obtaining some representative samples from the United States in order
that we might situate the Canadian populations in a larger geographic

Thanks for any information you can provide,

Andrew Chek

cheka at

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Queen's University
Kingston, Ontario,
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