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Please forgive the shamless self-advertisement, but to further
advance the spirit of academic capitalistism (and for those who may have
missed the prepublication posting), we wish to announce that a


  A supplementary issue of vol. 42 of the Israel Journal of
Zoology has been recently published.  The issue is devoted to
the biology of the Cephalochordata.  It resulted from modified
proceedings of a workshop at the IVth International Congress
of Vertebrate Morphology held at the University of Chicago in
August\, 1994.  The volume is entitled:

The Lancelets: A new look at some old beasts.

  The softcover volume numbers 446 pages and contains 17
contributions toward a better understanding of these
important organisms.  The volume also includes a nearly
comprehensive bibliography for these near-vertebrates,
several color plates, as well as a color frontspiece and
index.  The volume was edited by Carl Gans,
Norman Kemp, and Stuart Poss and includes the following

Study of lancelets: The first 200 years by C. Gans.

Lancelets (Cephalochordata: Branchiostomidae): How many
species are valid? by S. G. Poss and H. T. Boschung.

Life-history characteristics of the Florida Lancelet, Branchiostoma
floridae: Some factors affecting population dynamics in
Tampa Bay.  by M. D. Stokes and N. D. Holland.

Feeding methods of cephalochordate larvae.  by T.H.J. Gilmour.

Lancelet development as evidence of ancestral chordate structure.
by R. Presley, T. J. Horder, and J. Slipka.

The cutaeneous innervation of amphioxus: A review incorporating
new observations with DiI tracing and scanning electron
microscopy.  by L. S. Demski, J. A. Beaver, and J. B. Morill.

Landmarks and subdomains in the larval brain of Branchiostoma:
Vertebrate homologs and invertebrate antecedents.  by T. C. Lacalli

Similarities an differences in lancelet and craniate nervous
systems. by  B. Fritzsh.

Morphology of Hatschek's nephridium in larval and juvenile stages
of Branchiostoma virginae (Cepahlochordata) by E.E. Ruppert.

The reproductive organs of Branchiostoma.  by U. Welsch and Y.Q.

FMRFamide immunoreactivity in the peripheral (atrial) nervous
system of amphioxus (Branchiostoma) Q. Bone, A.D. Chubb, A. Pulsford,
and K.P. Ryan.

FMRFamide-like immunoreactivity in the central nervous system of the
lancelet Branchiostoma lanceolatum. by M. Pestarino and B. Lucaroni.

Muscle development in amphioxus: Morphology, biochemistry, and molecular
biology.  L.Z. Holland.

Molecular biology of lancelets: Insights into development and evolution.
P.W.H. Holland.

The origins of craniates: Neural crest, neurogenic placodes, and
homeobox genes.  by R. G. Northcutt.

Bibliography of lancelets.  By C. Gans and E. Saiff.

  Copies of this work may be obrtained for $60US plus shipping by
contacting Dr. Carl Gans, 2501 Slow Turtle Cove, Austin, TX.

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