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Wed Feb 19 14:03:10 CST 1997

          Hi everyone,
          I am currently doing research on the history of nemertean
          (phylum Nemertea) systematics. If anyone happens to have
          some biographical information on the following persons, I
          would appreciate it very much. All kind of information is of

          Otto Burger (German)
          David Bergendal (Swedish)
          August Brinkmann (Norwegian)
          A. A. W. Hubrecht (Dutch)
          Gerarda Stiasny-Wijnhoff, or Gerarda Wijnhoff (Dutch)

          Please answer to my personal e-mail address
          Thanks in advance

          Sincerely yours

          Mikael Harlin
          Center for the History and Philosophy of Science
          California Academy of Sciences
          Golden Gate Park
          San Francisco, CA 94118

          E-mail: m.harlin at and mharlin at

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