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As indicated by Jim Manhart, the Plant Book has been reprinted various times.
David Mabberley is visiting the RBG Sydney right now, and has asked me to point

(a) that the 1989 'reprint' contained significant changes, including an extra
page giving 3 new combinations. Unfortunately, CUP refused to give the book a
new ISBN number, hence the confusion. This 'reprint' should be cited as given in
IK under the 3 new combinations (sorry, I haven't gone to the library to check
the details of that).

(b) that a new edition (officially the 2nd edition) is in press right now and
will be out in 1997. This is 25% bigger than the first edition.

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>    I have an editorial quibble going now in a manuscript: an author
>    Mabberley, D. J. 1989. The Plant-Book: a portable dictionary of
>        the higher plants. Cambridge University Press etc.
>    ...which seems fine, except that my copy has 1987 as the
>date of publication. Is there a 1989 revision that I don't know
>    Thanks so much-- John
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Mine has a press date of 1987 and "reprinted with corrections 1989, 1990, 1993 (
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