Nomenclature: botanical tradition?

John McNeill johnm at ROM.ON.CA
Fri Feb 21 13:19:21 CST 1997

Joe Kirkbride and Tom Lammers have answered, excellently, Laurie Admas original
question and Fred Peabody's subsequent confusion on the use of "botanical
tradition" in determining the gender of generic names of plants and fungi.  All
I would add is that this "getting of the act together" on gender actually took
place at the Berlin Congress of 1987 on the basis of the Report of a Special
Committee on Orthography set up at the Sydney Congress in 1981.  In fact in the
Berlin Code, the text of what was then Article 76.1 stated clearly that both
_Lotus_ and _Melilotus_ "must be treated as masculine."   As Joe Kirkbride
points out, the Tokyo Congress (in Yokohama) decided to clarify the status of
"voted examples", making it editorially possible to include this text in such an
example in the Tokyo Code.  John McNeill
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