Taxonomic index, anyone?

R. Soreng soreng at EROLS.COM
Sat Feb 22 19:16:23 CST 1997

For plant names, lectotypifications are regularly entered into TROPICOS,=20
Missouri Botanical Gardens' on-line plant taxonomy database.  If anyone=20
is serious about developing a database for lectotypes it would good to=20
avoid duplication of effort.  To enter data into TROPICOS you need an=20
account with MO and some training on how to standardize the entries. =20
Anyone interested in developing this idea further should write to Bob=20
Magill magill at  Currently the on-line version of the=20
database does not display the fields that have lectotypification=20
data, however, this could be changed easily. =20  (W3TROPICOS)

For an example of how these are recorded and displayed look up
Poa tracyi Vasey on=20
Catalogue of New World Grasses Draft

Rob Soreng
Research Associate
Botany Dept.
Smithsonian Institution


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