ITIS and the NBII: Collaborative Taxonomic Index Development

Hugh D. Wilson wilson at BIO.TAMU.EDU
Mon Feb 24 17:05:29 CST 1997

A look at the ITIS  pages referenced by Jim Beach suggests that one
of the few, functional WWW products of this federal effort is the
PLANTS database at:

which is derived from an extensive, high quality dataset maintained
by the Biota of North America Program at:

BONAP provides a fully synonymized checklist - in electronic form -
that includes over 60,000 names.  This also forms the foundation for
the digital checklist at UC Berkeley at:

and the flora2k system at Texas A&M at:

Assuming that BONAP is properly circumscribed within the 'systematics
community', I don't see any 'absence' with regard to 'delivering
names' and other information in a structured and 'usable' format, at
least with regard to vascular plants.

> I think it is important to emphasize, that the members of the ITIS
> consortium have mounted this effort in the absence of any systematics
> community architectures for delivering names and other taxon information
> in any standardized way to governmental or other user communities who
> have a need for this kind of information.

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