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Joseph Kirkbride jkirkbri at ASRR.ARSUSDA.GOV
Tue Feb 25 12:57:25 CST 1997

In the Nomenclature Section of the Tokyo Botanical Congress, the question
of the registration of new names was both accpeted and rejected!  Like
many things in life, the participants of the Nomenclature Section had
very mixed emotions about registration.  Everyone that I spoke with
agreed that registration was a good thing.  It would reduce the cost of
compiling indices and the uncertainty of knowing whether all names were
listed in indices.  In the next breath, they were absolutely against
having registry controlled at some particular place.

As I understood it, copies of publications would have to be sent to
officially designated institutions.  One comprimise proposed was that
there would the central registry authority, presumably where the head of
the IAPT was located, with a system of designated institutions, one per
continent, to which to copies of publications could be sent.

Presumably the results would be published each year as a "registry" for
that year.  This then raised the question of why the IAPT should be doing
the work of registration for other institutions to pick it up for nothing
and publish it for their gain.

No one wanted to allow "someone" the power to say that something was not
published.  The resolution that finally got registration passed was that
it would be conditional (the next Botanical Congress in St. Louis in
1999 has to reapprove it), and its mechanism is supposed to be worked out
and presented in St. Louis.  Then the members of the Nomenclature Section
would have to decide whether to reapprove it, or not.

I am concerned because I have not heard anything about the proposed
mechanisms for registration.  To assume that registration will be
approved again without the proposed mechanisms for registration is going
to lead to disaster, rejection of registration.  Also assuming that
something will be approved sight-unseen because certain people state
that it must be, will lead to rejection, not acceptance.

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