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Anton Doroszenko (TL, Fld Crp) A.DOROSZENKO at CABI.ORG
Wed Feb 26 10:55:00 CST 1997

On 24 February 1997 14:51 Anurag Agrawal wrote:

>>I am mainly interested in obtaining seeds of any of the following plants:
>>Thespesia cubensis, T. acutiloba, T. grandiflora, T. populneoides, and T.
>>populnea all which have leaf domatia.
>>Hampea tomentosa, H. latifolia, and H. longipes, and H. tomentosa also
>>well developed domatia.
>>Does anybody have any suggestions for trying to locate some seeds of these
>>species? I have had a terrible time with the USDA cotton germplasms,
>>botanical gardens etc.
I posted your message on the COTTON mailing list and got this reply. Hope
this works out.
Anton Doroszenko
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>I am looking for it, if I get some information or seeds I will send it to

>               DR. CESAR A. MORAN-VAL
                "GROWER'S CONSULTANTS"
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