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richard a fagerlund fagerlun at UNM.EDU
Wed Feb 26 11:07:40 CST 1997

Dr. Laferriere is absolutely right.  It was the elitist establishment
that prompted Thomas Casey to self-publish much of his work.  Although
Casey is often maligned, hundreds of his species are still considered valid.
Dr. Somerby's doctoral thesis was a revision of the Eleodes subgenus
Blapylis which contained several new species and other taxanomic data.
All of his species are widely recognized by entomologists.  There have
been several important family and generic revisions published in gov't
documents (gray literature).  Personally I will accept any new name as long
as it is well researched, well written and makes the point about the validity
of the findings, no matter where it is written (refereed journal, gray
literature or obscure paper) or whether it is even considered "published".
The message is important not the messenger.

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