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Thu Feb 27 09:22:10 CST 1997

In reply to Robin Leech.
I can sympathise with the plight of graduates.  I, fortunately, have a job.
If I was recently graduating, what I did in the late 70's I am sure would
not have found me a job today.
To publish a whole thesis is, as Robin indicated, a mammoth undertaking.
My point was, and remains:  if there are new taxa described in the thesis,
then these should be published in, let's call it, a traditional journal.
To get a major revision published is another story.  In many groups there
are avenues available for such publications.  I have no idea if there is a
contributory cost.  If there is, like the $8000 Robin cites, then that is
another matter altogether.
If this is the case, my preference would be to split the work into a series
of shorter papers.  It boosts the numbers on the cv anyway.
Rod Seppelt

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