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Andrew Whittington aew at NMS.AC.UK
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Dear All

There is a further problem in accepting a new species described in a
thesis - one of priority.  My own MSc thesis describes six new species.
It was submitted in 1991 (conferred March 1992).  A paper including those
new species was published in October 1992.  Depending on the journal,
the time delay could be greater (years in some cases). Accepting the
names in the thesis means that the date of description could preceed the
date they are actually published by a year or more.  Which do we accept?

I might also stress that it is hard to believe that the cost of thesis
publication has to be as much as $8000 - there are cheaper and sometimes
free journals.  As has been said before in this deiscussion, some journals
waver the charges for unfunded students.  If a top grade journal
with huge page charges must be chosen, then perhaps the supervisor needs
to look for some funding!

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