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Thu Feb 27 09:13:39 CST 1997

Sayeth Andy Whittington:

>There is a further problem in accepting a new species described in a
>thesis - one of priority.  My own MSc thesis describes six new species.
>It was submitted in 1991 (conferred March 1992).  A paper including those
>new species was published in October 1992.  Depending on the journal,
>the time delay could be greater (years in some cases). Accepting the
>names in the thesis means that the date of description could preceed the
>date they are actually published by a year or more.  Which do we accept?

This misses the point rather completely. If the thesis is accepted
as valid publication, it becomes the reference to be cited in
taxonomic publications, not the article. Publishing a separate
article in a journal to validate the names would become
unnecessary. It would still be a good idea to submit the
descriptions to a journal so that the information will become
more widely disseminated, but the Latin description and the
formal type designation can go in the thesis instead of the
journal. The type can still of course be mentioned in the journal.

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