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Thu Feb 27 10:15:54 CST 1997

James Lyons-Weiler wrote:

>Consider the fact that when one decides to not weight morphological (or
>molecular) characters, one has decided that a transformation among states
>is character i has then same information (and therefore relative
>probability) as a transformation among states in character j.  That is, a
>decision to use equaly weight is arbitrary, and requires as much
>justification as any weight weighting scheme...

So how's this? "I have no a priori evidence, or other reason to suspect,
that any (much less which) of my characters are more informative than
others?" Granting that "unweighted" characters do in fact have a weight of
one, I'd still say that a prima facie case exists for "oneweighting"
characters as your default condition.




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