Botanical Latin Translation Service

Mark Garland MAGarland at AOL.COM
Mon Feb 3 04:57:12 CST 1997

The recent discussions on Taxacom about bad Latin descriptions have spurred
me to offer my services over the Net as a translator of English botanical
descriptions into Latin.  Send me an English description  by snail mail or
e-mail of any taxon covered by the Code of Botanical Nomenclature, and I'll
translate it into Latin.  Send me a Latin description you've written, and
I'll check it for grammatical errors and typos.  I'll reply by e-mail or
snail mail, whichever you prefer.

For my qualifications, prices, and random thoughts, see my Web page at

I don't claim to be the best, but I have wide experience in Latin
descriptions of most groups from diatoms to composites.  And every
description is guaranteed to have a high percentage of Latin words in it.

Mark A. Garland
805 East Georgia Street
Tallahassee, Florida  32308
MAGarland at

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